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HollyCon Italy

25 years of history. Innovation first.

The Group

The HollySys Group is a state-owned Chinese enterprise technology centre and has experienced rapid but stable growth over the past 25 years to become China’s largest manufacturer of automation control systems.

With more than 60 representative offices in China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and Europe, the HollySys Group has implemented over 25,000 projects in multiple sectors including nuclear energy, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals, biomedicals, high-speed rail and urban transport.
It has been listed on NASDAQ since 2008 (HOLI stock shares).

Within the HOLLYSYS group, the HOLLYCON Division deals with industrial automation in the medical field.
HollyCon Italy S.r.l. is an international company specialized in innovative technologies and quality solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Parapharmaceutical and Biomedical sectors.

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Healthcare Technology
Care with Innovation

HollyCon Italy

HollyCon Italy S.r.l. is an international company specialized in the development of innovative technologies and integrated solutions for the industrialization of products dedicated to the Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Parapharmaceutical sectors.
The European Headquarters and the newly built production plant are located near Milan with more than 5,000 sqm, of which 4,000 are dedicated to the following areas:
Warehouse, Production, Quality Control, R&D. The environments are in accordance with the highest engineering standards and compliant with GMP, FDA, EMA standards.

Care with innovation

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our customers with a range of unique solutions aimed at covering every stage of the industrialization of their dry powder inhalable (DPI) product in different markets. Thanks to our highly specialized international team and the support of the HollySys group, we are able to analyse and develop a complete, tailor-made and organized plan, letting our customers focus only on their sales and marketing issues.

Quality, precision, innovation and entrepreneurship

Values and Philosophy

Our experience in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical fields is also supported by our essential values, guaranteed also by the great strength of the group. Our philosophy pushes us every day to find the best solutions and technologies for our customers, anticipating any production problems and business processes, thus providing complete support for the development and industrialization of their products on the market.


The passion for technology, for innovation and the continuous search for solutions that can change the world are the reasons that drive us to improve our products every day.

Collaborations, exclusive technologies and certifications

Partners and Technologies

All the innovative solutions and technologies offered by HollyCon Italy are developed at our headquarters, thus guaranteeing a highly personalized service, a quick response and attentiveness to the needs of our customers that change over time. To guarantee the highest levels we use only selected professional instruments and Partners, highly specialized in their activities, thus providing a unique added value for our most demanding customers.

New Partner, New Opportunities.

Our solutions and technologies at your service for new markets and new opportunities.
For more information, please visit our new 5,000 sqm plant in the south of Milan (Gaggiano).
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