Care with innovation

Innovative technologies and integrated solutions
for the industrialization of products dedicated to the Biomedical,
Pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical fields.

Care with innovation

HollyCon Italy Group

HollyCon Italy Group is the medical division of the multinational industrial group HollySys International. Specifically, HollyCon Italy deals with industrial automation in the medical field allow to increase the competitive advantage of companies in the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and biomedical sectors, through the development of innovative technologies and integrated solutions for the industrialization of products.

The passion for technology and innovation, combined with the continuous search for ideas that can truly positively change the world, are the main reasons that drive us every day to improve our products and solutions.

Wu Qi, General Manager HollyCon Italy

Tailor-made Technologies and Solutions

Products, Technologies and Industrialization

Our complete innovative technologies aim to create value and increase the competitive advantage of our customers. We design and build tailor-made solutions, products and technologies to customer specifications every day in order to promote their expansion and contribute to the achievement of objectives and customer success.

Complete solutions for the industrialization of your product

Why HollyCon Italy?

Our goal is to provide our customers with a range of unique solutions aimed at covering all stages of industrialization of their dry powder inhalable (DPI) product in different markets.


Latest generation technological solutions according to your needs: from the analysis and drafting of a development plan through to the industrial production.


Our team is made up of professionals able to follow all the steps necessary for the development of new products.


With over 5,000 sqm available, our plant in the south of Milan is divided into different areas dedicated to the production, control and development of dry powder inhalable (DPI) products.


HollySys Group, world leader in the development of automation technologies, guarantees a high level of automation and a high standard of quality.


We build tailor-made and organised solutions to let our customers just focus on their sales and marketing issues.


Our industrialisation and internationalisation services also guarantee the development of our branches alongside your company.

Health Innovation

Discover PillHaler®

PillHaler® is the innovative patented device for the administration of dry powders by inhalation. A single-dose and disposable device that conforms with the ideal inhaler, as it is easy to use, safe and economical, while ensuring the correct dosage of the product.

Easy to use
Ideal administration
Maximum flexibility
Small, single dose and disposable device

Optimal emitted dose
Economical and compact
Recyclable material
Convenient, safe and transparent


The Partner, the technologies and solutions for the industrialization of your dry powder inhalable (DPI) product.


solutions and design of a sustainable industrialization plan


Support in drafting documents for product registration in new markets (China, USA, EMEA, etc.)


Development of new plants nearby of your company or branch for product launches in new marketsi


Optimized production processes with a high degree of automation, controls and reporting.


During all stages of development, industrialization and internationalization.


Guaranteed quality throughout the life cycle of the product, thanks to a certified Quality System.

Are you looking for a Partner for the industrialization of your dry powder inhalable (DPI) product?

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